Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics was established in 1996. University education in Banja Luka is rooted in the Teacher-training College, which was established in 1950 and later transformed into the Teacher-training Academy, and which produced elementary school teachers. These are the beginnings of the study of mathematics, physics and geography in Banja Luka. The Banja Luka Teacher-training Academy ceased to operate in the academic year 1994/95, when it was transformed into the Faculty of Philosophy in accordance with a decision of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. The Faculty of Philosophy comprised several study groups for the humanities and natural sciences: Serbian Language and Literature, History (History and the Latin Language), Pedagogy, Mathematics and Informatics, Geography (Geography and Ethnology), English Language and Literature, Philosophy and Sociology, Psychology, Physics, Biology. The complexity of the teaching and scientific research processes, as well as the number of students, necessitated the division into the humanities and the natural sciences. The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics was formed when natural science and mathematics were separated from the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Banja Luka in 1996. It was established by the Decision of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska No 02-1236/96, dated 12 September 1996.

On 28 September 1996, the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture adopted a decision to determine that all requirements had been met for the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics to commence work on 1 October 1996, with the following departments: Mathematics and Informatics, Physics, Biology, Geography (with two study groups: Geography and Geography with Ethnology). On 15 November 1996 the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics was entered in the registry of the Banja Luka Basic Court. The newly formed Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics was relocated to a building at Mladena Stojanovića 2, which had served as a place of education for decades – for the Teacher-training School, Construction Vocational High School, and the school for children with special education needs. At first the Faculty shared the space with the other users. Equipped only with the basic furniture and teaching instruments, a single computer and a modest library, which was later expanding for years thanks to donations from authors and the professors’ personal libraries, the Faculty operated primarily thanks to the enormous enthusiasm of its employees. The teaching staff of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics are members of numerous expert teams in various fields (erosion, demographics, climate change, geographic information system, spatial planning, ecology, ichthyology, biodiversity, informatics, mathematics, chemistry...). They have been greatly supported in carrying out scientific research, presenting scientific papers in conferences and publishing research results by the Ministry of Scientific and Technological Development, Higher Education and Information Society. Namely, the majority of projects implemented at the Faculty were funded (fully or partially) by the Ministry. Scientific and professional associations founded at the initiative of members of the academic staff of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics have substantially contributed to scientific development.

Education and scientific research are key factors for a stable and ongoing societal development, and for safeguarding the appropriate cultural identity of a society. In that regard, the vision of the development of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics is based on improving the teaching process, scientific research and international cooperation. In addition to the primary goal of improving the quality of the teaching process, the academic staff strive towards a higher intensity of engagement and participation in national and international scientific research projects, which fostered the publication of research results in relevant international scientific magazines. Continuity of scientific research by the academic staff of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics has contributed to a high ranking and prominence in the national and international circles and visibility in scientific citation databases. The expected outcome of these activities is a greater involvement in finding solutions to social issues in the development of the Republic of Srpska when it comes to fundamental sciences.

The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics of the University of Banja Luka takes an active part in national and international scientific events and thus greatly contributes to the growth of the community, creativity and cultural diversity of the region. The participation is based on knowledge, activities of education and scientific research, i.e. on the concept of social development.

In order to keep up with the global trends in the advancement of educational and pedagogical practices, the teaching process is constantly being modernized through additional education and training of the teaching staff and the modernization of teaching instruments. One of the prerequisites for this goal is to increase available classroom and laboratory space.

Since its establishment, the Faculty has continually worked on developing its staff and involving new generations in scientific work. For years, the Faculty has been giving its top of the class students a chance to get a job at the Faculty, improve professionally and engage in scientific research.

Apart from educating teachers for the needs of primary and secondary education, the Faculty fosters scientific research in natural sciences and mathematics to produce various education profiles for the needs of various aspects of society, and is actively involved in resolving the numerous developmental issues in the Republic of Srpska.

The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, as a socially and scientifically responsible institution, has a long-term vision of development, with the aim of standing shoulder to shoulder with other institutions of education and science in the European and international domain.

From its beginning up to today, the development programme of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics has strived for all-encompassing improvement, relying on selfless institutional support from the Republic of Srpska.


+387 51 319 142
Fax +387 51 311 178
Address 2 Mladena Stojanovića, Banjaluka, 78000
Dean Dr. Radoslav Dekić, Full Professor
Vice-Dean for Teaching Dr. Aleksandra Petrašević, Full Professor
Vice­-Dean for Science, Research and International Cooperation Dr. Milana Grbić, Assistant Professor


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