Deans of faculties/ academy

Number Faculty/ Academy Dean of faculty/ academy Contact
1. Academy of Arts

2. Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy Professor Brankica Milojević,  PhD
3. Faculty of Economics Professor Milenko Krajišnik, PhD
4. Faculty of Electrical Engineering Professor Branko Blanuša, PhD
5. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Professor Darko Knežević, PhD

6. Faculty of Medicine Professor Ranko Skrbić, PhD
7. Faculty of Agriculture
8. Faculty of Law Professor Željko Mirjanić, PhD
9. Faculty of Sciences Professor Goran Trbić, PhD
10. Faculty of Mining Professor Vladimir Malbašić, PhD
11. Faculty of Technology Professor Borislav Malinović, PhD
12. Faculty of Political Sciences Professor Zdravko Zlokapa, PhD
13. Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Professor Borko Petrović, PhD
14. Faculty of Philosophy Professor Srđan Dušanić, PhD
15. Faculty of Philology Professor Petar Penda, PhD
16. Faculty of Forestry
  Professor Vojislav Dukić, PhD
17. Institute for Genetic Resources Professor Marina Antić, PhD
  Dr Predrag Ćeranić