The promotion of PhDs and Honorary Doctor of the University of Banja Luka

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On November 8 2016, the ceremony was held for the promotion of the Honorary Doctor, Prof. Erik Frer from the Higher School of Economics and Management in Essen, and 30 Doctors of Philosophy who defended their theses at the faculties of our University. 

The Rector of the University of Banja Luka, Prof. Milan Mataruga, congratulated the Doctors of Philosophy on the success they had achieved and pointed out that scientific work is a humane, but also a demanding and responsible enterprise. ‘The vocation of a scientist is one of the most difficult ones because it consumes the whole person, makes them different and requires will strength, patience, love for science, diligence, discipline, self-criticism and especially honesty, sincerity and righteousness. Scientific work is one of the most sublime vocations a person can choose’, the Rector said and added that, considering the significance and the role of science in the development of every country, the responsibility of scientists is even greater.

‘It is for this reason that we expect you to be leaders in the world of science, the people who will promote science, education, and, among other things, our University, wherever you are. You are expected to be active on the international level, your research and published results to be visible, to compete with each other and with the researchers in the region. Be the best, constantly active, follow the progress of science in the world, because that is the way for you to repay to our University, our people and your families’, Rector Mataruga said.

The Rector also thanked the honorary Doctor of Philosophy, Prof. Erik Frer, for his contribution in establishing a fruitful cooperation between the two institutions of higher education, promoting our University on the international level, and his selfless effort to provide scholarships for our students.

Professor Frer thanked for the honour awarded to him and pointed out that, as the then Director of the Institute for Strategic Planning and the Dean of the College of Economics and Management, he had been in contact with many institutions, professors and students, but for him, the cooperation with our University was something special. ‘This relationship has been developing for a few years now, so the conditions are created for the realisation of joint educational and research projects and the exchange of researchers and students. At the same time, I am impressed by your students, who, despite their financial limitations, achieve exceptional results, and this motivated my colleague, the dean of the College, Prof. Jaegger and me to help your students, with a view to cooperating with them permanently’, Prof. Frer said.


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