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The Elea Company donated 867 books to the University of Banja Luka

University of Banja LukaGeneral

On 3rd February 2017, the Elea Company Ltd (Brcko District, Bosnia and Herzegovina) donated 867 books (594 titles), published by globally renowned printing houses, to the University, the ceremony taking place on the premises of the library of the Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine.

The titles concerned represent monographs from various fields of science, which will significantly enrich the library holdings of each and every unit of the University. The donation, worth 20,000 BAM, was handed to Prof. Milan Mataruga, the Rector, by Mr Senad Deronjic, the managing director of the Elea Company.

Speaking of the value of the donation, the Rector pointed out that all the editions were recent ones, thus making them a much more useful tool to the students, professors and researchers.

Prof. Radoslav Gajanin, the Vice-Rector for Scientific Research and Development, reminded the audience of the fact that the cooperation between the Elea Company and the University was a long and fruitful one.

Mr Deronjic expressed his pleasure for visiting the University on such an occasion, adding that the investments into knowledge were one of permanent goals of his company, wishing for this donation to contribute to better competitiveness of our students, since the company has been in the business of importing and distributing scholarly titles for more than ten years now, bringing to our academic  circles publishers such as CengageLearnings, LippincottWilliams&WilkinsLimited, Springer, Oxford University Press, W.W. Norton, Cambridge University Press, MIT PRESS, Harvard University Press, Yale University Press, Hodder, Palgrave, Taylor&Francis, Elsevier etc.


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