Days of Vlado S. Milošević 2017

University of Banja LukaGeneral

From 10 to 28 April, the Academy of Arts of the University of Banja Luka is organising the 18th event called ‘Dani Vlade S. Miloševića’(Days of Vlado S. Milošević), commemorating the famous composer, ethnomusicologist and educator.

In addition, 12 concerts and other music events, two students’ plays, two exhibitions, a student film show, several lectures and workshops, and a regional conference titled ‘Vlado S. Milošević: a composer, ethnomusicologist and educator – Tradition as inspiration’ were organised. As in previous years, the programme and performance were entrusted to the students and professors of the Academy, also featuring special guests from the cities of Novi Sad, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Belgrade respectively.

At the aforementioned conference, 60 papers were presented from the field of ethnomusicology, music theory, pedagogy and musicology, dealing both with the work of Vlado S. Milošević and new scientific achievements.


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