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International accomplishments of students from Graphic design

University of Banja LukaGeneral

Creative and thorough work with students at the Department of Graphic Design of the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka has yielded a great number of prizes at significant international competitions and exhibitions of posters and graphic design in the past academic year,with third-year students being particularly productive.

Thus, the ‘Pianist’ poster by student Nina Ninkovic was listed among 50 best posters at the 7th Students’ Posters Biennial in Novi Sad (Serbia), in the competition of 2,500 posters from all over the world, while Milan Sikman won the second prize at the ‘Sarajevska zima’ International Festival featuring the topic of migrations. At the same competition, the work of Damir Omic was listed among the top 50. In addition, Sanja Kvasni came up with the best solution for the logo of the Environment Protection Fund of the Republic of Srpska, while Stefan Mijic won the second prize at the competition for the visual identity of the ‘West Balkans Fund’, with his poster at the competition in Moscow, on the occasion of marking the centennial of the October Revolution finishing among top 50. All the aforementioned students also presented their works in Zilina (Slovakia), at the recently held 14th ‘Ekoplagat 17’ Ecological Poster Triennial.


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