22nd anniversary of the Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Geodesy

University of Banja LukaGeneral

On 14 December 2018, an observance marking the 22nd anniversary of the Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Geodesy was held.

On behalf of the University of Banja Luka, the present were addressed by Prof. Luka Kecman, PhD, Vice-Rector for Human and Material Resources, who congratulated the management and staff of the Faculty on the results achieved

Prof. Brankica Milojevic, PhD, Dean of the Faculty, said that the Faculty was becoming a respectable institution in terms of establishing close ties with professional environment.

‘With regard to that, efforts are made in cooperation with local self-government units and competent institutions to announce public invitations for our students to apply, thus enabling them to establish connections with the business sector’, said Prof. Milojevic.

Prof. Milojevic revealed that this process was going to be intensified in the days to come, saying that society must support future academic citizens and create an environment for them to stay in the Republic of Srpska and deploy their knowledge and skills in building it.

‘Apart from educational activities, there is quite a lot of research being conducted at the Faculty, with this year culminating in this respect with numerous awards, including those won at the International Urban Planners Exhibition in Nis (Republic of Serbia) in October’, stressed out Prof. Milojevic, with the Faculty on the whole being awarded for development of digital techniques, and students receiving a number of individual awards and recognitions.  

The event served as an opportunity to promote degree holders, as well as to hand recognitions and plaques to those who had indebted the Faculty.

Thus, there were 82 bachelor degree and 6 master’s degree holders.

Among the present were Prof. Biljana Antunovic, PhD, Vice-Rector for International and Inter-University Cooperation, deans of the University of Banja Luka faculties, representatives of the Government of the Republic of Srpska, and other prominent figures. 

The Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering, and Geodesy was founded in 1996, when the first generation of students enrolled at the Course Route of Civil Engineering. In the academic year of 1997/1998 they were followed by the first generation of Architecture students, with the establishment of the Faculty being encircled in the academic year of 2007/2008, with the launch of Department of Geodesy.

So far, more than 1, 600 degrees have been acquired at this institution. 


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