Working Group for the Implementation of the Charter and Code of the University of Banja Luka Held a Session

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The Working Group for the Implementation of the European Research Charter and Code for the Employment of Researchers at the University of Banja Luka held a session on 13 February 2020. 

The Working Group considered the proposal of the Action Plan and identified the activities necessary to maintain the HR Excellence in Research logo, awarded by the European Commission to the University of Banja Luka in 2015, making the University the first higher education institution in the Republic of Srpska and BiH to which the logo was assigned. The logo of excellence implies that the University adheres to the standards set by the European Union regarding the rights and obligations of researchers, and that the recruitment process at the University is in line with European procedure. 

The session was chaired by Vice Rector for Scientific Research and University Development Prof. Goran Latinovic, PhD, Chairman of the Task Force, and attended by Prof. Gordana Rokvic, PhD, Prof. Suzana Gotovac Atlagic, PhD, Prof. Radenko Jotanovic, PhD, Gordana Tosic, PhD, Dragana Radulovic, MA, and Dijana Bilanovic. 


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