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The Prime Minister of Montenegro Gave a Lecture at the Faculty of Political Science

University of Banja LukaGeneral

The Prime Minister of Montenegro Prof. Zdravko Krivokapić, PhD, gave a lecture on "Ethics and Politics" on 25 May 2021 at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Banja Luka.

Krivokapić pointed out the worrying absence of ethics from politics, but he is convinced that a new time is beginning in which ethics will lead to a revival of society. Krivokapić believes that certain historical moments were not sufficiently understood in this area, and that they were often treated according to the attitude of one man only.

He emphasized that the policy pursued should be ethical, but that it should also provide sufficient quality of knowledge, in order to ensure prosperity in all areas.

,,You can lose everything, but what no one can take from you is knowledge. Only knowledge is power“, Krivokapić said.

He stated that he could not understand such a gap between politics and ethics, and that they must be together as it was once characteristic, not only for ancient philosophy, but for all systems.

The Montenegrin Prime Minister pointed out that today's realpolitik is frighteningly distanced from ethics. 
,,Neither the epoch nor the development of society is to blame for that, but all of us, that is, our acceptance of realpolitik, which should have an established ethics“, Krivokapić said.

According to him, politicians should have in mind the citizens and their interests, especially the interests of young people, without whom there is no future.

Speaking about the situation in Montenegro, Krivokapić emphasized that it was not politics that happened there, but the people.

Krivokapić stated that he sent a message of unity to politicians in Montenegro to achieve six goals that can give a chance for progress - for Montenegro to be a civil state, and thereby a democratic state, advocating for its pro-European path, establishing social justice, economic development and development of digital society and the fight against crime and corruption. 

Rector of the University of Banja Luka Prof. Radoslav Gajanin, PhD, says that this was a good lecture, a lot of experience of a politician who is also a university professor. 

,,The academic community of the Republic of Srpska and Montenegro expects to strengthen cooperation in the forthcoming period. We have some cooperation with the University of Montenegro, but from the speech of Prime Minister Krivokapić, we understand that it will be a much more intensive cooperation, in almost all fields.”, Gajanin said.

,,We expect joint appearances in project applications towards international funds, primarily European Union funds, as well as funds that finance cross-border cooperation projects with Montenegro.”, Rector said, and expressed hope that in the upcoming period there will be an increase in exchanges of professors, teaching assistants and students with higher education institutions from Montenegro.

Dean of the Faculty of Political Science, University of Banja Luka, Prof. Ranka Perić Romić, PhD, says that it was an honour to host the Prime Minister of Montenegro, and that there was great interest in the lecture. 

,,Ethics and sociology of morals are studied at the Faculty of Political Science, so this lecture is very interesting in itself ”, she said.  

As she pointed out, one of the important messages that Krivokapić sent to students during the lecture was that politics should be responsible towards citizens, and that politicians should act in the interest of the people.

,,Special emphasis is placed on the fact that education is what always pays off and that it should always be invested in”, Prof. Ranka Perić Romić said.

At the end of the lecture, Rector Gajanin presented the Prime Minister of Montenegro with the monograph "University of Banja Luka 1975-2020."

The event was attended by numerous students and professors of the University of Banja Luka, and among those present was the Vice-Rector for Human and Material Resources Prof. Dalibor Kesić, PhD.


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