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University of Banja Luka Has Progressed by 178 Places on the Webometrics World Ranking

University of Banja LukaGeneral

The University of Bank has progressed by 178 places on the Webometrics World Ranking. 

As set out in the latest Webometrics report, the University of Banja Luka has kept the second place on the ranking of higher education institutions from Bosnia and Herzegovina, while it is ranked 2769th place among the world universities.

The Webometrics is a recognized ranking system for the world’s universities, developed and updated twice a year by the Cybermetrics Lab, a research group of the Spanish National Research Council. There are 31 000 world universities ranked, and in the methodology process analysis is made in three categories, as follows: university web presence, visibility and the global academic performance. Harvard University and Standford University from the USA, followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), are traditionally ranked the first place on the Webometrics World Ranking.


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