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Welcome to the Academic Community: Reception for New Teaching Assistants at the University of Banja Luka

University of Banja LukaGeneral

On 29 September 2022, Rector of the University of Banja Luka Prof. Radoslav Gajanin, PhD, organized a reception for the teaching assistants who will be engaged at our higher education institution from the academic year 2022/2023.

Rector of the University Radoslav Gajanin pointed out that they are entering the academic community exclusively, because this is a guarantee of the University's success in the future.

"We insist that the best students of our University, i.e. holders of the golden badge with the image of Nikola Tesla, be selected to the academic community. i.e. to the academic degree of teaching assistant, if present at the vacancy, and if not, we select the best candidate who has applied", Gajanin said.

Dean of the Faculty of Philology at the University of Banja Luka Prof. Biljana Babić, PhD, emphasized that this faculty will be even more competitive with two new study programmes starting from this academic year, and that the first-cycle students can expect extremely high-quality teaching and scientific work.

Teaching assistant Sonja Stanković, MA, is pleased to have been selected to the position of a senior teaching assistant in the Sinology Study Programme at the Faculty of Philology, stressing that her dream has come true.

Teaching assistant at the Faculty of Law of the University of Banja Luka, Igor Mirjanić, said that he and his colleagues have a long way to go and a lot of work and improvement ahead of them. He thanked the management of the University and the professors for choosing him and giving him the opportunity to be part of the academic community.

The reception at the Rectorate was also attended by the vice-rectors of the University, Prof. Miroslav Malinović, PhD, and Prof. Dalibor Kesić, Phd, Dean of the Academy of Arts Prof. Dragana Purković - Macan, MA, Dean of the Faculty of Philology Prof. Biljana Babić, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Law Prof. Željko Mirjanić, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy Prof. Saša Čvoro, PhD, and Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Prof. Borko Petrović, PhD.



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