"Agroznanje" Part of the Scientific Database of Serbia

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As of 26 July 2023, the journal "Agroznanje", published by the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Banja Luka, is part of the Serbian citation database of journals.

This is the Serbian Citation Index (SCI), which is managed and edited by the Center for Science. Papers published in this citation database are also referenced in certain international citation databases that are visible on the SCI index page.

Currently, the 24th issue of the journal Agroznanje, i.e., the second edition for 2023, has been published on the profile of the Serbian Citation Index, while the entry and indexing of papers published since 2011 is in progress.

The editorial board of the journal expects that the inclusion of "Agroznanja" in the Serbian citation index will result in better visibility and recognition of the journal, as well as of the University of Banja Luka and the Faculty of Agriculture, alike.

The journal "Agroznanje" has been published since 2000 and contains scientific papers in the field of plant and animal sciences, agrarian economy and rural development, genetic resources, as well as other related disciplines. There are four issues of the journal "Agroznanje" published a year, and from 2019 it has been published in an electronic version and is also available on


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