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Initial Conference Within the “V4+WB RMA Network PLUS“ Project

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Initial conference within the project  V4+WB Network of Research Managers and Administrators (RMAs) PLUS was held on 17 and 18 October 2023 in Bratislava, and the local organizer was the Slovak University of Technology.

The conference titled "Research Managers and Administrators: Modern Technologies and the Future of Research Managers in the Countries of the so-called Visegrad Four and the Western Balkans" gathered around 40 participants from the regions of Central and Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans, as well as from beyond. The University of Banja Luka is one of the members of the consortium of this project, and at the conference in Slovakia it was represented by: Asst. Prof. Anđela Pepić, PhD, Head of the Research Development and Support Centre of the University, Suzana Gotovac Atlagić, PhD, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and Coordinator of European Projects, and Marija Stojaković, Project Assistant at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.  

The focus of the conference was on the issues of modern technologies and the affirmation and working conditions for research managers and administrators, as well as the presentation of relevant initiatives and opportunities offered to them in the European Union countries. An additional goal of the conference was to support the exchange of knowledge and experience of research managers and administrators in the EU-funded research projects.

This project, in which the Research Development and Support Centre of the University of Banja Luka participates as a partner institution, envisages events and education sessions dedicated to the different aspects of involvement in the "Horizon Europe" programme, which will also be available to the University of Banja Luka employees. This project of the consortium led by HETFA from Budapest is financed by the International Visegrad Fund.


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