1C07BNS812 - Methodology of biology teaching

Course specification
Type of study Bachelor academic studies
Study programme
Course title Methodology of biology teaching
Acronym Status Semester Number of classes ECTS
1C07BNS812 mandatory 7 2L + 2E 5.0
Lecturer/Associate (practicals)
Prerequisite Form of prerequisites
Pedagogy with psychology Passed exam
Learning objectives
Introduction of basic principles of the methodology of biology teaching. Introducing students to forms of methodical thinking and professional methodical training for planning teaching materials in the field of biology.
Learning outcomes
Training students for the independent implementation of the educational process and the application of innovative teaching-methodical models.
Theoretical teaching: Importance of methodical education, subject, goal, tasks, connection with other disciplines. Educational goals, tasks, and content in teaching biology. Curriculum and syllabus. Types of tests in biology classes. Correlation and coordination of educational content. Development of the system of biological ideas and concepts. The contribution of biology to the all-around development of personality and the preservation and protection of the environment. The specificity of the application of teaching principles: scientificity and accessibility, individualization and appropriateness, systematicity and gradualism, obviousness, and abstraction, the durability of acquiring knowledge, skills, and habits, unity of theory and practice, and correlation of teaching principles. Work methods in teaching biology. Practical teaching: Testing students at school, test analysis. Writing preparation for class. Visiting at school, analysis of lessons from visiting. Trial classes.
Teaching Methods
Verbal-textual, demonstrative-illustrative, practical work, frontal, individual and group work, pair work
Evaluation and grading
Trial class 2 tests engagement in teaching seminary work practical exam oral exam