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Info Day at the University of Banja Luka

University of Banja LukaGeneral

One of the events marking 'The University of Banja Luka Students' Days' was  the 'Info Day of the University of Banja Luka', organised for 2,300 high school graduate students from the Republic of Srpska.

The students were welcomed by the Rector of the University, Prof. Milan Mataruga, who pointed out that he was honoured by the fact that so many of them had expressed their wish to study at the University. He said that the University had 42-year-old tradition, 17 accredited and licenced faculties and 58 study programmes for the first cycle of studies, more than 1,300 members of teaching staff, and excellent spatial, technical and laboratory equipment, adding that the University provided them with an opportunity to master quality and useful knowledge and continue their studies or become competent on job market. 

The Mayor of Banja Luka, Mr. Igor Radojičić, advised the graduate students to think carefully about the employment possibilities when selecting a faculty to enrol.

High-school graduates were also welcomed by the current students of the University, who presented the advantages of studying at the largest university of the Republic of Srpska.

After the plenary presentation, the high school graduates in groups visited the faculties they were interested in, where they were introduced to the study programmes, procedure of enrolment, taking entrance exams, and other useful facts.


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