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More internship opportunities for students at the Faculty of Economics

University of Banja LukaGeneral

The Faculty of Economics of the University of Banja Luka and RS Association of economists SWOT have signed Cooperation agreement on February 13, 2019. This agreement is expected to improve scientific-research work and practical knowledge of students when solving economic problems.

Professor Saša Petković, Ph.D., vice-dean for teaching at the Faculty of Economics, emphasized on how the Faculty sees the RS Association of economists SWOT as the partner.

“We are trying to provide answers for all the important questions related to the economy, and to the social changes happening in the Republic of Srpska. RS Association of economists gathers many economists with a bachelor, masters, and Ph.D. diplomas obtained from Faculty of Economics in Banja Luka. With this collaboration we will help each other improve scientific-research work and solve practical problems”, said the vice-dean Petković after the signing of the Cooperation agreement in the premises of the Faculty of Economics.

He added that the RS Association of economists founded a new magazine whose creation will include work of professors and assistants at the Faculty of Economics, and will help students who are currently enrolled in second and third study cycle to collect information for their scientific research.

Pektović emphasized on the importance of this cooperation in terms of greater options for the internship.

 “Last two years the Faculty made mandatory internship for the senior undergrads, and with the goal to improve their practical skills. The effects seem promising, and many companies recognized the qualities of their interns, keeping them as full time employees after the internship was completed. Study program Economy and Business management has students doing mandatory internship in 44 business entities of the Republic of Srpska”, Petković elaborated.

He added that this agreement will allow third year students enrolled in study program Economy and Business management to undergo a mandatory internship, and the plan is to introduce this type of internship in the curriculum for the second year students starting academic year of 2020/2021.

“We are introducing the principle of dual education because our wish is to have graduated students of the Faculty of Economics entering the labor market with skills and competences, and thus ability to respond to the challenges in the real-life sector”, said the vice-dean Petković.

Saša Grabovac, CEO of the RS Association of economists SWOT said that they have already collaborated with the Faculty of Economics, and now they have precisely defined mutual goals and plans.

„One of the first mutual activities was a magazine on modern economy. It is the contribution of RS Association of economists and the Faculty of Economics to development of economic thought and problem solution in the economy“, Grabovac pointed out.

He reminded the audience that the RS Association of economists awarded last-years best student of the Faculty of Economics, having it become the 191st member of the Association.

“I hope that we will provide contribution for the society to have a greater acknowledgement of knowledge. The quality of students who graduate from faculties at public universities, and especially from the Faculty of Economics, is at a high level, but with lack of practicum. We hope that there will be a continuing increase of practical knowledge in the future” said Grabovac.

He announced that the fourth edition of the "Jahorina Economic Forum" will be held on April 23 and 24, stating that professors of the Faculty of Economics actively participate in the program development.




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