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The Project ,,NASA’s Mars 2020 Mission“ Discussed

University of Banja LukaGeneral

Representatives of the University of Banja Luka, the University of Sarajevo, "Džemal Bijedić" University of Mostar, and representatives of the Ministry of Scientific and Technological Development, Higher Education and Information Society of the Republic of Srpska visited Jezero, where they met with the head of that municipality Snježana Ružičić and talked about the project ,,NASA’s Mars 2020 Mission“

During the meeting, they also talked about the preparation of certain project proposals that they plan to send to the Space Research Agency (NASA).

The agencies reported that Ružičić stated that they had discussed the letter they plan to send to NASA, noting that the agency is currently conducting a mission - examining ancient life on Mars, on the crater Jezero, which is named after this small municipality.

,,This is a moment that we should all make use of, which is to the benefit of our students and residents of this area, to implement some of the projects in the field of science and technology and ecology“, Ružičić said and added that the universities are the largest resource.

Chairman of the Steering Board of the University of Banja Luka Prof. Rajko Gnjato, PhD, says that they also discussed how the universities and the scientific community can contribute to the development of this municipality. 

,,We have concluded that this municipality has valuable potentials, primarily natural resources that can be the basis for inter-university cooperation, all with the aim of improving this area and initiating development“, Professor Gnjato stressed. 

Advisor to the Minister of Scientific and Technological Development, Nikola Dragović, pointed out that the representatives of the academic community and the relevant ministry came to Jezero to express their support for the initiative taken by this municipality and, among other things, to build an education and information centre at its territory to serve the purpose of not only its residents, but it would help all the universities in BH to expand their practical knowledge within students’ traineeships.

,,We want to participate in this project with all our resources, both human and material, and to express our readiness for such an initiative and to support it“, Dragović emphasized. 

The meeting was also attended by Rector of the University of Sarajevo Prof. Rifat Škrijelj, PhD, and Rector of „Džemal Bijedić“ University of Mostar Prof. Elvir Zlomušica, PhD.


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