Assistant Professor Simić Side by Side with World Scientists

University of Banja LukaGeneral-

Assistant professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Banja Luka Mitar Simić, PhD, is part of the international group of scientists who has published the paper ’Implants with Sensing Capabilities’ in the journal ‘Chemical Reviews’ with the impact factor 72.087.

The first author of the paper dealing with medical sensor-integrating implants is Asst. Prof. Mladen Veletić, PhD, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Oslo University Hospital. It should be emphasized that in addition to Veletić and Simić, the following also participated in the writing of this paper: Eshanul Hoque Apu from the University of Michigan, Jacob Bergsland from Oslo University Hospital, Ilangko Balasingham from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Oslo University Hospital, Christopher Contag from Michigan State University, and Nureddin Ashammakhi of the University of California, Michigan State University.

In this paper, the affiliation with the University of Banja Luka is mentioned, which contributed to increasing the international visibility and recognition of the leading university in the Republic of Srpska, and established cooperation with researchers from Norway and the United States of America.

The journal ‘Chemical Reviews’ has been published by the American Chemical Society since 1924. 


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