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University of Banja Luka hosted 2000 high school graduates

University of Banja LukaGeneral

The “Open door” day at University of Banja Luka (UNIBL), held on 19 April 2024, gathered nearly 2000 high school graduates from all areas of the Republic of Srpska.

Rector of the University of Banja Luka, prof. Radoslav Gajanin, PhD, stressed that Open door day is visited by high school graduates from practically all local communities.

“We have provided practically free studying at UNIBL and practically free students’ accommodation” – reminded rector Gajanin and noted that this year’s entry exams are scheduled for 1 July.

,,Conditions for studying at University of Banja Luka are among the best in the region, while the Republic of Srpska Government continuously works on improving the quality of education”, said the Republic of Srpska Minister for scientific-technological development and high education, docent Zeljko Budimir, PhD.

“The Open door day is already traditionally organized and this activity has good results, as students clarify the basics of studying to the high school graduates” said Budimir. He was satisfied with the way the students proudly showed to the high school graduates how it is to study at University of Banja Luka and added that investing into universities in Banja Luka and East Sarajevo will be continued.

“Our students, when enrolling to higher study cycles at prestigious universities in the world, yield envious results, which means that we, at our public universities do a good job”, said minister Budimir.

As pointed out by the president of the Students’ parliament, Nikola Sobot, the Open door day is organized as part of Days of students at University of Banja Luka, which last until 24 April. 

,,Days of students are the largest students’ event in the Republic of Srpska and beyond, organized by the Students’ parliament of the University of Banja Luka and Alliance of students of the Republic of Srpska, supported by the university of Banja Luka and the RS Ministry of scientific-technological development and high education” said Sobot.

The chairman of the Alliance of students of the Republic of Srpska, Andrej Seva, said that Open door day is a traditional event that is being organized since 2017 in the aim of promoting the University and students’ standard.

,,Ongoing along with the Open door day is also the faculties’ fair, another event where high school graduates can get basic information on faculties/Academy that are members of the University of Banja Luka. Thereafter, the high school graduates had a chance to visit the faculties of the Banja Luka university for which they might be interested in, getting all the information about study programs, enrollment procedures, entry exams, lecturing process, and students’ life in general”, said Seva.

,,After our primary school pupils had a chance at Professional orientation fair to acquire information and make the best personal decision about choosing the high school, there was an Open door day for high school graduates organized today at University of Banja Luka that gives the young after completed high school an opportunity to choose the best direction for themselves, when it comes to high education” said the Mayor of Banja Luka, Drasko Stanivukovic.

The formal reception at the occasion of the Open door day, held in the University sports hall in the Campus, was also attended by the University vice-rectors, prof. Dalibor Kesic, PhD; prof. Kristina Pantelic-Babic, PhD; prof. Milica Balaban, PhD; prof. Aleksandar Ostojic, PhD; Chairman of the UNIBL Steering Board, prof. Biljana Antunovic, PhD; along with deans, vice-deans, lecturers and students of our university.


Photo: D. Desnica


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