EURAXESS Service Centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina

University of Banja Luka under the Office of the vice-rector for scientific research and development, is the main Bosnia and Herzegovina office of the EURAXESS network for support to incoming and outgoing mobility of researchers. The EURAXESS network operates under the European Commission, within the Directorate General – Research and Innovation (DG RTD). The Centre was established as part of activities on the project “BAMONET – Development of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Network of Centres”, funded by the European Commission under the FP7 People programme. The Centre commenced operations in May 2010, as a three-year project aimed at developing a network of mobility centres, in line with the EURAXESS initiative, to offer high quality and consistent services and support, but also personalized support to researchers in mobility. EURAXESS provides support to young researchers who want to continue their careers abroad, but also to scientific organizations in search of excellent research talents. EURAXESS is a pan-European initiative, supported by 42 European states. At the national level, the network has a main office, located at the University of Banja Luka, and service centres, which provide support to researchers, companies and its employees at a local level. Globally, EURAXESS covers 630 service centres across Europe, 8 centres outside Europe, 16 000 registered institutions and more than 50 000 researchers. The EURAXESS service portfolio is available through a singular web portal oriented both towards researchers as individuals and companies, universities and state institutions. It is one of the most popular portals of the European Commission, with over 1.6 million users per month. In addition, EURAXESS services other activities of the European Commission, most notably the HRS4R – Excellence in Research (HR Strategy) and RESAVER. Aside from the EURAXESS portfolio, the Centre staff provide services in career development, protection of intellectual property and HR strategies. The Centre’s activities are funded through projects under the EU framework funding programmes. Among others, the previous two projects (EURAXESS TOP III, 2015–2018, and the current EURAXESS TOP IV, 2018–2021), belong to the Horizon 2020 framework programme, of which the University of Banja Luka is a full member, with significant activities at the consortium level. The coordinator of the EURAXESS office and network at the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Marina Antić, PhD.