OAP07KT - Conservation technologies

Course specification
Type of study Bachelor academic studies
Study programme
Course title Conservation technologies
Acronym Status Semester Number of classes ECTS
OAP07KT elective 8 1L + 3E 5.0
Lecturer/Associate (practicals)
Prerequisite Form of prerequisites
Learning objectives
Enabling students to apply knowledge in conservation practice. Encouraging students to experiment with all phases of the conservation project. Introducing students to various problems related to traditional materials in the construction process.
Learning outcomes
Gaining a clearer idea of the representation of certain traditional materials in the characteristic periods of construction and the qualitative changes that the observed materials have undergone over time, due to changes in production and processing technology and as consequence of the passage of time. Awareness of the differences that exist between homogeneous contemporary materials and historical ones, as well as the need for their mutual harmonization on the historical monument. Knowledge of conservation technologies and application of acquired knowledge in conservation practice.
Traditional materials; wood, stone, mortar and their pathology Traditional architectural elements Properties and revitaliation of traditional buildings Modern materials, metal, steel, concrete - their technologies and pathologies Constructive stabilization of traditional buildings
Teaching Methods
Lectures, exercises, consultations
  1. Beckmann, P. and Bowles, J. Structural aspects of building conservation. Oxford: Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann. 2004. (Original title)
  2. Croci, Giorgio, Conservation and Structural restoration of architectural heritage. 2001. (Original title)
  3. Institution of Structural Engineers (Guide to surveys and inspections of buildings and similar structures, 1991. (Original title)
  4. Theodossopoulos, D, Conservation theory and fabric. From: Structural Design in Building Conservation, Routledge. (2012) (Original title)
  5. CIRIA (Construction Industry Research and Information Association) Structural renovation of traditional buildings. Report 111. London: CIRIA. 1994. (Original title)
Evaluation and grading
Course attendance Activity Colloquium / exam Semester work
Specific remarks