R1TIIPE - Haulage and Hoist in Underground Exploitation

Course specification
Type of study Bachelor academic studies
Study programme
Course title Haulage and Hoist in Underground Exploitation
Acronym Status Semester Number of classes ECTS
R1TIIPE elective 6 3L + 3E 8.0
Lecturer/Associate (practicals)
Prerequisite Form of prerequisites
Mining Mechanization Passed exam
Learning objectives
Transport in mines is one of the most important phase in the raw material exploitation. The biggest costs in the entire process of obtaining of ore occur during haulage. The aim of this course is to study the basic principles of underground haulage and hoist of mineral raw materials as well as means of transport and devices used for haulage and hoist in the underground exploitation of mineral deposits.
Learning outcomes
After completing this course, and using other knowledge in the field of mining, students are able to deal with the above-mentioned problems in economic, design and scientific-research organizations. Practical application of methodologies for the selection and dimensioning of transport means in mines with underground exploitation of mineral deposits. Simple superstructure of acquired knowledge; ability of analysis and synthesis; ability to plan and organize, ability to obtain and analyze information; the ability to solve problems and make decisions, mastering the techniques of designing mines with underground exploitation, monitoring and applying new solutions in the profession.
Acquaintance of students with the objectives and concept of the teaching program. Basic principles of transport in mines: classification of means of haulage. Haulage in excavations and in excavation rooms. Scrapers, Loading and transporting vehicles with and without the boxes for materials. Constructive parts of conveyors. Belt conveyors. Haulage in the main transporting rooms: Rail transport, Self-propelled transport means (underground trucks). Hydraulic haulage. Supply of raw materials and transport of workers in mines. Delivery of raw materials by hanging means of transport. Transport of workers by hanging means. Hoists of mine shafts: Characteristics of hoist facilities. Objects and devices of the hoist facility. External mine haulage: External haulage by belt conveyors, trucks and railways.
Teaching Methods
Teaching is conducted through theoretical lectures, calculus exercises, colloquiums/tests and preparation of a seminar paper. Mastering the curriculum provided by the program is facilitated for the student by studying in consultation with the teacher and assistant.
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Evaluation and grading
Class attendance 5 points Teaching activity 5 points Seminar work 10 points Colloquiums I and II 15+15 points Final exam 50 points
Specific remarks
Students are required to attend to the classes, complete exercises, pass the colloquia and complete the final exam.